Kamiyama Nouen, which is located along the National Route 365 in Echizen City is a gardening supplies store that handles a variety of flower seedlings, fruit tree seedlings, garden trees, etc.
We have 2500 different kinds of products constantly at our shop of 1500 tsubo(4965 square meters) area.
Please feel free to stop by our shop during the drive. We look forward to welcoming you with a wide selection of seasonal flowers at all times.

Shop information

Company nameKamiyama Nouen Co. Ltd.
Head Office Address137-8 Hirose, Echizen-shi, Fukui 915-0872, Japan [MAP]
Exhibition Space13-45 Mitome, Fukui-shi, Fukui 910-3608, Japan [MAP]
Opening Hours9:00am-6:00pm (New Year: Open from the afternoon of Jan. 5)
※For January and February, we are open from 9:00am-5:00pm from Monday to Saturday and closed on Sundays.
TEL+81 778-23-0988
FAX+81 778-23-0988
Representative DirectorFujio Nishide
ServicesSales of flowers, vegetable seedlings and trees, construction management
of garden and landscape architecture, repairs (such as a repair of water leak of a pond,
construction of a barrier-free garden, garden without weeds, etc.)


Head Office(Kamiyama-nouen)

Exhibiton Space